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Registration Message

Recreation, PreComp, XCEL and Comp A fees are due at time of registration if paying by etransfer. If paying by cheque they are due NO LATER than at the gymnast's first class.

For Comp B,C,D: Time payment option by cheque only. $250 due at time of registration. $250 cheque dated for November 15, 2023. $175 cheque dated for January 15, 2024

One $100 refundable fundraising cheque PER FAMILY is required at the gymnast's first class. Cheque to be postdated for April 15, 2024

At least one member from each gymnast's family is required to help with our annual gym clean on Sunday September 17 @ 12:00pm. You may bring your own mask and gloves if you wish.

There are no up-coming events